The Best Wireless Power Technology, by Far


Only Wi-Charge delivers enough power to charge a phone at a distance, enabling breakthrough user experiences.


Only Wi-Charge delivers constant power levels that do not decrease with distance.


Only Wi-Charge is certified safe  (by UL and others), yet delivers meaningful energy at a distance.

Because Life's Better Without Wires

For Manufacturers

Create breakthrough products that
receive power from a distance, not from
batteries or power cords.

Excited? So are we.
Start a revolution by partnering with Wi-Charge

For End Users

What if you phone charged itself?
How about never replacing another battery?
What if those ugly power cables disappeared?

Quite magical, but not magic.
Wireless power is the future. Take a peak


Smart home security
Smart locks
Phone charging
Biometric locks
Light fixture integration
Breakthrough innovation

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