ZigBee, WiFi and Wireless Power

24 January 2019

A recent article in CEPro described how home security vendors that implemented ZigBee in their products are now releasing WiFi-enabled products.

ZigBee is a machine-to-machine protocol used in home automation. It offers lower bandwidth and shorter range as compared to WiFi. Since many home automation systems are now connected to the cloud, a ZigBee gateway is often required to bridge between the ZigBee network and the Internet.

With all these drawbacks, why is ZigBee being used? Because it requires much less power than WiFi. Some estimate that ZigBee power consumption is just 25% that of WiFi.

Wireless power will help accelerate the transition from ZigBee to WiFi. By providing home security and home automation devices with much more power than would be practical to draw from a battery, power consumption becomes much less of a constraint. Whether it’s WiFi connectivity, smarter local processing or enhanced communications, wireless power provides designers with the power they need to implement the features they want.

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