Wireless Power Will Reduce Landfill Toxic Waste

26 April 2018

Batteries power our society. Our cellphones and smart devices, children’s toys, IoT devices – all run on batteries. The Government estimates that Americans discard more than three billion batteries every year. That’s about 180,000 tons of batteries, of which 86,000 tons are single-use alkaline batteries.

A significant part of these batteries is recycled. Instead, they end-up in landfills. There, the casting is crushed or eroded leading to the release of the harmful chemicals into the soil. These chemicals include cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, lithium, and electrolytes.

From landfills, hazardous chemicals seep into the soil and make their way into the ocean and waterways. Some types of batteries can also cause landfill fires that can burn for years, causing air pollution. While rechargeable batteries are supposed to reduce this hazardous waste, they only account for a small portion of batteries purchased.

Although the number of electronic devices we use is not likely to decrease, we can reduce their environmental impact. One responsible measure is to dispose of batteries through recycling facilities. Participating in take-back or battery mail-in programs also help. These programs dispose of spent batteries in an environmentally-friendly way.

An alternative to all this waste is wireless power. At Wi-Charge, we are the first to deliver meaningful levels of wireless power over the long range. Our technology can charge mobile phones, tablets, wireless speakers and other home electronics. We are already working to partner with several environmentally-conscious electronics manufacturers. By partnering with OEMs we can reduce the environmental footprint caused by batteries.

Analysts expect the global wireless power transmission market to grow by leaps and bounds. We believe a large part of that is due to an interest in battery waste reduction. We’re seeing growing interest in making products environmentally friendly through wireless charging. If you are an OEM looking to make your electronic products more eco-friendly, click here to find out how Wi-Charge can integrate into your design.

Continue to watch this space for the latest developments at Wi-Charge. For now, please enjoy this short video showcasing how children’s toys can run on eco-friendly wireless power:

Note: The children in the video are not actors. Reproduction of use of this video requires express written consent from Wi-Charge.


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