Wireless Power is “The Last Mile” of Power Delivery

21 September 2018

In the telecom world, “The Last Mile” refers to the final segment of a network that delivers services to customers.  For instance, these would be coax drops carrying cable television signals from utility poles to the home.

Of course “The Last Mile” is not necessarily a mile long. Sometimes it is a very short distance, sometimes longer.

If “The Last Mile” was not connected, we’d have to go to the utility pole to watch TV or connect our PCs to the street curb for the Internet. But we don’t want to do that because we want to watch TV or connect to the Internet at home or at work.

Wireless power is “The Last Mile” of power delivery. It’s not telecom, it’s power. It’s not delivered to the home, but rather to the power consumer: the device that needs power.

When that last mile is not there, the device has to be connected to the outlet on the wall. The customer might not want it there, but if power is delivered only via a wire, the proximity from the outlet is a major placement consideration.

With wireless power, that’s no longer the case. Devices can be placed anywhere. A speaker can be hung on the wall. A thermostat can be placed exactly where you care about the temperature.

One day, we’ll have a hard time remembering all these ‘next to the wall’ placement constraints.

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