Wireless Power Can Help Smart Locks

15 January 2019

Ever wonder why smart locks from leading vendors – August, Danalock, Kevo, Kwikset, Schlage – don’t have an integrated video camera or two-way audio so that you can communicate with the person at your door? It’s because these require more power and adding them would force users to replace the lock’s batteries too frequently.

Battery life issues with smart locks impact more than advanced functionality. They impact the customer’s desire to install the locks. No one wants to be locked out of their home, and especially not because they forgot to change a battery on a lock. Some locks have an emergency power supply through 9V batteries, but would I really carry a 9V battery with me at all times just in case?

That’s where wireless power comes in. By delivering much more power than a battery can reasonably deliver (without weekly battery changes), several benefits come into focus:

  • Customers never need to replace batteries
  • As a result, customers have fewer reservations about smart locks
  • Vendors can add advanced functionality such as audio, video, cloud storage, face ID, fingerprint recognition and more.

The benefit is quite obvious, and I suspect a lot of smart lock vendors will soon take notice.


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