Wireless-Power and the Self-Parking Office Chairs

26 March 2019

A couple of years ago, Nissan had a wonderful demo project of their self-parking capability: they created a set of self-parking office chairs. They kept the office tidy by returning to their places when someone clapped next to them.

What does this have to do with wireless power?

These chairs are obviously wire-free. The motor on each chair consumes approximately 100 Watts. Let’s assume that it takes half a minute in a worst-case scenario for the chairs to move to a place and let’s assume this happens five times a day.

Thus, the daily power consumption of each chair is 100 / 60 / 2 * 5 = 4.2 Watt Hour (WH). While 100 Watt sounds like a lot for long-range wireless charging, 4.2 Watt-hour can be provided if a system can deliver 1 Watt for just over 4 hours. And that’s in the worst-case scenario. This is well within the capabilities of the Wi-Charge system.

The moral of the story: always look at the average power consumption, not the peak power consumption when considering whether long-range wireless charging is a good fit for your application.

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