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Wireless Energy Enables the Retail Shelf of the Future: WiseShelf Harnesses Wi-Charge’s Long-Range Wireless Power Technology

06 January 2020

LAS VEGAS: Jan. 6, 2020 — At CES 2020, Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power, in partnership with retail IoT innovator WiseShelf, will showcase wirelessly-powered retail shelf technology. Wi-Charge will demonstrate its long-range wireless power system embedded in a smart shelf at CES booth #40337 located in the Sands Expo.

Retailers seek to harness IoT technology to provide real-time insight into product availability on shelves as well as provide dynamic shelf displays. But smart shelves and smart signs need power, and existing solutions to deliver power to retail shelves are lacking. Batteries provide limited energy and need to be replaced often, and dropping power lines from the ceiling is expensive, blocks sight lines, and does not support easy rearrangement of retail displays.

Wi-Charge is solving the power challenges of next-generation retail technologies with its patented long-range wireless power technology, consumer safety certification, and the ability to deliver ample power to multiple devices at a distance.

WiseShelf integrated Wi-Charge technology into its powerful smart shelf product, providing real-time visibility into stock levels on the shelf, and critical out-of-stock alerts.

“Brick and mortar retailers harness IoT technology to successfully compete with online-only retailers,” said Yuval Boger, CMO of Wi-Charge. “WiseShelf chose long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge to help them deliver the future of the retail shelf.”

“Retailers want a frictionless experience for their customers, and our smart on-shelf appliance delivers this by transforming retail shelves to IoT. We provide real-time out-of-stock alerts, advanced analytics and assistance in product positioning,” said Shalom Nakdimon, CEO of WiseShelf. “With long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge, our smart shelves can be deployed quickly and efficiently, without the costly and inconvenient power cable install.”

If you are attending CES 2020, please visit the Wi-Charge booth #40337 at the Sands Expo to see the integration of WiseShelf with Wi-Charge in action. Members of the press are welcome to email to arrange a briefing with Wi-Charge executives.

About WiseShelf

WiseShelf was established in 2016 and is focused on converting dumb metal shelves into cognitive “smart shelves.” The company is supported by leading players in the global retail industry including AC Nielsen, Publicis and Super Pharm. The solution is based upon capturing and analyzing 1,000 light levels from an array of shelf sensors, together with full planogram images, to understand which products are on the shelf, the quantity present and exactly where they are positioned. Based on this data, the real-time, connected cloud-based software is able to recommend smart replenishment and re-ordering. WiseShelf’s comprehensive insight and analytics can be used to reduce replenishment time, improve on-shelf availability, greater efficiency for click-and-collect picking and increase planogram compliance.


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