Wireless Charging of Moving Objects

02 April 2019

MovingTrainsIs it important to be able to charge objects when they are moving? In my opinion, it’s often not required.

Yes, delivering wireless power to moving objects is a lot of fun. The demo of the multiple moving Lego trains is a perennial favorite at the Wi-Charge booth at trade shows.

But in reality, most objects are static most of the time. A wireless-powered security camera is static. A smart lock is mostly static – moving only when the door is being opened. Even phone is static enough of the time to be charged.

Most often, wireless power systems are not expected to deliver power 100% of the time, and charged devices have some kind of energy storage – battery or super-capacitor – to overcome short periods of charging loss. This energy storage is also used in case the powered device needs a short burst of energy that is more than the current capacity of the charging system.

My conclusion: charging moving objects is nice, but it’s often not critical.

But it’s still fun. Enjoy the video below

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