Wireless Charging and the Water Well

11 July 2018

Many years ago, water wells were a primary source of water. When a family needed water – such as for drinking or cooking – they would send someone to get some water from the well.

When your water ran out, you had to go and get some more. In short, you had to manage the water.

Today, of course, running water exists at homes throughout the developed world, so much that we don’t think about it anymore. In 2010, the UN declared access to clean water has been declared a basic human right. Other than its impact on your water bill, people no longer need to manage water.


Today, people need to actively manage their phone battery to combat battery anxiety – fear or running out. They pack a charger or a power bank with them. They look for opportunities to charge the phone. They accept recommendations on reducing screen brightness or background apps, all towards the goal of conserving battery.

But what if battery power was as automatic as running water? It’s there where you need it and doesn’t have to think about managing it any longer? What if phones would appear to just charge themselves so that power was always there? I think that would practically eliminate battery anxiety and allow us to manage the things that really matter instead of being enslaved to our phone batteries.

Unlike water, battery power might never be declared a basic human right, but not having to manage battery would certainly improve our quality of life.

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