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Wi-Charge’s Long-Range Wireless Power Products Earn UL Certification

15 April 2019

Now meeting UL, FDA and OSHA requirements, Wi-Charge delivers the perfect trio of desired attributes: power, distance and safety for smart homes, businesses and public spaces

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, Apr 9th, 2019 – Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power technology, today announced that its LIGHTS-3W System has earned international, U.S. and Canadian UL and Class 1 laser safety certifications, meaning that it is safe under all foreseeable conditions of use. With these certifications the Wi-Charge system is now the only market-ready, long-range wireless charging solution that safely delivers meaningful power to smart devices at room-sized distances while meeting all global regulatory and safety requirements.

The UL and Class 1 safety marks apply to the Wi-Charge LIGHTS-3W System, which includes the LIGHTS TX-3W Transmitter, and the LIGHTS RX-1.5W and RX-1W receivers:

  • The LIGHTS TX-3W transmitter has a range of up to 15 feet (5 meters) and can power up to three devices simultaneously.
  • The LIGHTS RX-1.5W receiver provides 1.5W of usable power to client devices and is designed for easy integration into mobile phones and power-hungry products.
  • The LIGHTS RX-1W receiver is perfect for IoT applications and smart devices.

The Wi-Charge system meets all the regulatory requirements for global introduction into the market in most regions, including the U.S., Europe, China, South Korea and Japan. Manufacturers that embed Wi-Charge modules can leverage Wi-Charge’s safety certification and execute a simple and streamlined regulatory approval process without having to undergo separate laser certification for their products.

For over 120 years, UL has tested, inspected, certified, and verified technologies to make the world safer. UL tested Wi-Charge’s system in a variety of configurations and ranges, and the certification confirms the technology’s safety, range and power delivery. With this certification, Wi-Charge’s technology is also compliant with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The UL certification cements Wi-Charge’s position as the market leader in long-range wireless power, providing both a safe and powerful way to charge devices without cords, charging pads or batteries. Wi-Charge uses infrared light to safely deliver meaningful power to mobile, smart and IoT devices.

“Safety certification is an absolute necessity for wireless power systems, together with meaningful power delivered at a distance. Power without safety is dangerous and safety without power is useless. Only Wi-Charge delivers safety, power and distance,” said Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer, Wi-Charge. “Wi-Charge takes a unique and patented approach to wireless power, delivering a beam of infrared light to a small receiver with pinpoint precision. The beam only illuminates Wi-Charge receivers, allowing for ample power, safely and efficiently delivered at a distance in a manner certified by UL. The consumer, business and industrial applications are practically limitless.”

About Wi-Charge

Wi-Charge is the leader in long-range wireless power, founded with the goal of enabling automatic charging of phones and other smart devices. Our patented infrared wireless power technology can deliver several watts of power to client devices at room-sized distances and beyond. The company develops remote charging solutions that enable mobile, IoT and smart devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention. For additional information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @WiChargeLTD.

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