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Wi-Charge Secures FDA Approval To Charge All Your Devices Using Infrared Beams

05 March 2018

Wi-Charge announces receiving first FDA safety approval for long-range high-power wireless charging, allowing multiple devices to be charged within a 10 meter range seamlessly

Tel Aviv, Israel – August, 2017 – Wi-Charge, the wireless power startup utilizing infrared to enable full room wireless-power coverage, is announcing today that the company’s product was approved for commerce in the US by the FDA. Wi-Charge is the first company to ever receive regulatory safety approval for long range wireless power.

In coffee shops and shopping centers around the world, people throughout the day realize they’ve let their phone hit 10% battery quicker than they thought, and the amazing race for a charger begins. Imagine if these businesses could simply install charging hotspots that will charge all smartphones in the area, seamlessly and constantly. Wi-Charge’s FDA-approved hotspots can provision any room with the ability to charge multiple smartphones using infrared beams that are safe for people and pets around.

Wi-Charge utilizes infrared beams to send power from a charging hotspot to client devices within a 10 meter range. The small hotspot easily mounts on a wall or ceiling, providing full room coverage, so that devices can recharge automatically without any user intervention. Similar concepts were attempted by others, but so far no one could demonstrate a solution that is powerful enough to charge a phone, has enough reach to cover a room, and is radiation-safe. Wi-Charge is the first company to achieve the power/range/safety level required for a commercial wireless power solution.

”We’re happy with the endorsement of our technology by the world’s number one public safety authority, but it’s no surprise.” said Co-Founder and CEO, Victor Vaisleib, “We know we cracked wireless power, and it was only a matter of time until the world started noticing.”

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