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Wi-Charge Provides a Peek Into the Future: Remotely Powered Smart Devices

12 September 2018

The exhibit at Mobile World Congress Americas showcases how long-range wireless power drives the future of lighting, smart home devices and public spaces

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS AMERICAS, LOS ANGELES, September 12, 2018– Wi-Charge, provider of long-range wireless power technology that can charge a phone from across the room, today demonstrated how its ground-breaking wireless power modules drive next-generation devices for home, office and public spaces.

“Our vision is to offer consumers the freedom they crave. Freedom from charging cables, power cords and battery changes,” said Victor Vaisleib, CEO, Wi-Charge. “Our patented, power-at-a-distance, technology delivers ample energy from across the room, unleashing a new generation of truly-wireless products. Long-range wireless power has the potential to drastically change how consumers and businesses use and interact with smart devices—a change comparable to that brought upon by cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.”

Today, Wi-Charge can safely deliver up to 3 watts at distances of up to 10 meters using infrared light. Unlike alternative approaches that deliver tiny power levels (that also rapidly diminish over distance), the current generation of Wi-Charge modules can:

  • Charge a phone from a distance, thus allowing guests at restaurants, hotel lobbies and other public places to charge their mobile devices away from power outlets.
  • Remotely power smart devices and IoT sensors. This eliminates the need for frequent battery changes and expensive wiring jobs.
  • Allow device manufacturers to unlock the potential of their devices instead of succumbing to battery life limitations.

Wi-Charge products meet applicable US and international safety regulations.

The company is presenting at Mobile World Congress Americas at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 12-14. The theme for the company’s exhibit is “The future of…”. The ‘future of lighting’ shows how light fixtures with integrated Wi-Charge modules can deliver power in addition to light. The ‘future of smart home devices’ showcases a smart door lock with infinite battery life, driven by an integrated Wi-Charge component. The ‘future of public spaces’ demonstrates how Wi-Charge can charge current-generation phones and mobile devices away from a power outlet in a simulated coffee shop.

“We are accepting and evaluating partnership applications from visionary manufacturers that are excited about the opportunity to power or charge their devices without cables, pads or batteries.” says Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer, Wi-Charge. “I believe that in a few years,companies that don’t support long-range wireless power will be as rare as PC companies that don’t support Wi-Fi. Don’t be left behind.”

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