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Wi-Charge Launches, a New Website Showcasing its “Power at a Distance” technology

05 June 2018

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 5, 2018– Wi-Charge, provider of far-field wireless power technology that can charge a phone across a room, today announced a new website – It answers the question of, “will it charge?” with different electronic devices using Wi-Charge’s long-range wireless power technology.

“The short videos at showcase meaningful wireless power at a distance,” said Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer, Wi-Charge. “While it may look like magic, it is very real. With Wi-Charge, you can power phones, wireless speakers, smart home devices and much more from across the room.”

Wi-Charge uses focused beams of infrared light to deliver ample power at several meters. These power levels are enough to charge everyday wireless devices. Wi-Charge transmitters deliver power to receivers, embed in devices or connect to an existing charging port. The power transmitters automatically identify and charge multiple devices at the same time.

US and international regulatory bodies have approved Wi-Charge technology for consumer use.

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