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Wi-Charge and ZKTeco USA Provide a glimpse into the future of Smart Locks by integrating Wireless Power

13 September 2018

The exhibit at Mobile World Conference shows how wireless charging delivers significant customer and manufacturer benefits related to smart locks

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS AMERICAS, LOS ANGELES, September 13, 2018 – At Mobile World Congress Americas, Wi-Charge and ZKTeco USA are providing a glimpse into the future of smart locks by showcasing a unique integration of a high-end multi biometric door lock with the Wi-Charge long-range wireless power receiver.

Smart locks provide controlled, secure, and keyless access to homes and offices. They offer unique flexibility, convenience and management and are one of the key components of smart homes.

But smart locks often use batteries, and thus require their owners to replace the batteries several times a year or risk losing access. In addition, device manufacturers are limited in their ability to add functionality to these locks because of limited power budget.

At MWC, Wi-Charge is demonstrating a solution to these critical issues. By integrating its long-range wireless power system with the highly-advanced smart lock from ZKTeco USA, battery replacements are no longer required, and highly-desired capabilities can be added with ease.

The stylish integration is a prototype to show the limitless possibilities from integrating leading-edge security technologies with next-generation power delivery.

“We are pleased to show yet another facet of what meaningful wireless power can deliver.”, says Yuval Boger, CMO, WI-Charge. “Smart locks as well as other security cameras, sensors and other smart home devices can greatly benefit from everlasting batteries. Consumers no longer need to worry about being locked out of their homes”.

“At ZKTeco USA we are always looking at new ways to improve the customer experience, to enhance security while delivering peace of mind and convenience,”, says Manish Dalal, President and Founder, ZKTeco USA. “The convenient, stable and meaningful power that Wi-Charge delivers is an excellent building block for next-generation access control solutions.”

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