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Wi-Charge and Monolicht supercharge light fixtures by integrating Long-Range Wireless Power into Light Fixtures

14 September 2018

Exhibiting floating panels that deliver both light and power at Mobile World Congress Americas

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS AMERICAS, LOS ANGELES, September 14, 2018 – Wi-Charge, the provider of long-range wireless power that can charge a phone from across the room, today announced a new integration of its wireless power technology. Wi-Charge and Swiss company Monolicht collaborated to integrate Wi-Charge power transmitters into Monolicht’s lighting panels. This unique integration, showcased at Mobile World Congress Americas, provides a peek into the future of lighting, a future where fixtures deliver more than just light.

“We believe that true wireless power has endless potential as it enables consumers to get the most out of the latest smart devices at their disposal,” said Michael Sigg, CEO, Monolicht GmbH. “We at Monolicht, are passionate about lighting and bringing cutting-edge innovations to our customers. Wi-Charge opens up a whole new market segment for us and adds significant value to light fixtures. We are extremely pleased to be one of the first to showcase products in partnership with Wi-Charge.”

Using Wi-Charge’s revolutionary power-at-a-distance technology, the stylish light panels not only light a room but also safely provide meaningful power to smart mobile devices such as phones, security cameras and more.

“For over a century, light fixtures were just about light,” says Yuval Boger, CMO, Wi-Charge. “Now, innovative manufactures like Monolicht, are leading us into the future by re-imagining lighting solutions—offering consumers wireless power, in addition to light. We are excited about this new class of products that combine stylish design with cutting-edge technology.”

Today, Wi-Charge can safely deliver up to 3 watts of power over 10 meters using infrared light. Wi-Charge’s embedded power modules allow OEMs to integrate long-range wireless power into their products.

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