Line of sightWi-Charge uses line of sight to ensure that 100% of the energy sent from the transmitter reaches the receiver. Because 100% of the energy reaches the receiver, 0% reaches unintended targets like people, pets or plants.

Thus, line of sight is an important part of safe delivery of wireless power.

In other approaches that do not use line of sights, there is a safety concern. When energy is “bounced” off a surface such as a wall, part of the energy is absorbed, part is reflected and part is scattered in all directions. There is no way to control where this scattered energy reaches, and it can reach people or objects that did not wish to be bathed in unwanted radiation. For Wi-Charge, safety is paramount, which is why we use line of sight.

Additionally, the shortest distance between the receiver and the transmitter is a straight line. A path that includes a reflection is longer than a direct line. For some technologies, power significantly degrades with distance. This could be because the power beam spreads out or because energy is absorbed in air. For these technologies, it is particularly important to achieve transmission in a straight line between transmitter and receiver.