Who needs wireless power, anyway?

06 February 2019

“Couldn’t I get the same benefits by plugging in a cable once in a while?”

“Aren’t connected home devices already fine with the way things are?”

Maybe, but didn’t they used to say the same thing about WiFi and now “can’t live without it”?

WiFi used to be a novelty. A slower way to connect to the network. Something that you had to pay extra to get on your device. And now? It has pretty much made it into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

It fueled the IoT revolution. It created new mainstream devices like iPads, smart TVs and smart speakers. Give someone WiFi for four weeks and you’ll have a really hard time taking it away.

Long-range wireless power is going to be the same. Yes, you can charge your phone faster with a cable. Yes, most of your devices today work just fine with a power cord or a battery. But give someone a phone that seems to charge itself, that does not need any attention to stay on, and you’ll have a really hard time taking it away. Tell device manufacturers that they can have the portability of batteries but 100x the power budget and see what happens.

We’ve spent a lot of time getting rid of data cords. Now it’s time for the wireless power revolution.

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