Where is the Beef?

18 April 2019

For those outside the US or unfamiliar with the phrase, ‘Where is the beef?’ originated as a Wendy’s commercial but has since grown to inquire about the substance or the details of a particular offering. But how that does relate to long-range wireless power?

When new technologies are introduced to the market, it is perfectly reasonable to start with the big vision, the promise of things to come. Electric vehicles started as ‘wow, this car runs on a battery!’. Mobile phones started as ‘wow, I can actually make a call from my car!’.

But at some point, it’s time for the beef. For the specs and the fine, relevant details. For an electric car, a key detail is not the size of the trunk but rather the range – how far can you drive between charges. For a mobile phone, it might be the talk time.

I think that the time for beef has come for wireless power. It’s nice to paint the vision of a wire-free world, but it’s time for the real specs.

What are the real specs? The most important ones are power, distance, and safety. How much usable power can you deliver at a given distance, and how safe is the device. Everything else is secondary. If we want the wireless power industry to transition from vision to reality, it’s time for some specs to be published, such as here

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