Unlocking (the potential of) Doors and Windows

10 February 2020

A house without doors and windows is just a box. Doors and windows provide access, light, climate control and add beauty.

When windows and doors become smart, they add an extra layer of functionality and convenience. Consider, for instance:

  • A smart door lock provides access control and the ability to remotely open the door when needed
  • A peephole camera can show you who is knocking on your door even when you are not home
  • A motorized shade can automatically adjust the light level while providing privacy when needed
  • An electronic tinted window can reduce energy usage

The problem is that all these innovations need power, and power is hard to come by in doors and windows.

Power cords are an unsavory option. Wiring three large windows in a living room would require three electrical outlets. Hiding the wires during installation is an effort, and leaving them visible is ugly. Wiring a door is even more complex: an installer told me once that trying to drill wiring holes in a door can have a failure rate of about 25%, meaning that one out of four doors will be ruined and need to be replaced.

Batteries are an option that is also far from ideal. Batteries for smart devices on doors need to be replaced or recharged, often at the most inopportune times. When preparing for a family vacation, the last thing on your mind is replacing the door batteries, just in case you need to open it remotely. Batteries for windows are often hard to reach, especially in tall office building windows.

Wireless power is an attractive option. With a one-time install of a wireless power source and the right set of compatible products, wires and batteries are a thing of the past. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of these smart doors and windows without the downside of wires and batteries.

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