Unlocking Innovation in the Bathroom

03 October 2019

Electricity is hard to come by in the bathroom. The number of electrical outlets is limited. In such a water-rich environment, it’s difficult to run wires to other devices. Installing new wires is a major renovation project, often requiring tearing up existing tile or ceramic surfaces.

At the same time, there are numerous new experiences that would benefit from power in the bathroom. For instance:

  • Multi-sensory showers that include light and sound
  • Smart faucets that automatically control the water temperature
  • Smart toilet seats that are lit (so that a child can find the way at night), or life and close automatically
  • Smart mirrors that provide useful information as you get ready for your day
  • A voice-controlled bath that can fill a bathtub with just the right temperature

Many of these experiences are like flying first class: once you try them, you don’t want to go back to coach class. But unless you are in the market for a major retrofit to the bathroom, getting the power to these devices is a challenge.

Enter long-range wireless power. By installing a power transmitter on the ceiling, many of these devices can now get the power they need. This is much cheaper than a full retrofit and unlocks innovation in the bathroom.

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