Touchless and Wireless

15 April 2020

Last year, “touchless” was a bullet point, one of many features of a product or service.

This year, “touchless” is the headline.

Touchless pizza delivery; a touchless pick up at the pharmacy; touchless faucets; touchless access control; touchless payments; pretty much touchless anything.

But touchless requires power. You can manually turn a key in a lock, but if you need it to unlock on its own, it needs some power to do so.

An increasing number of products will become touchless and an increasing number of consumers will demand them to be.

How can the products get the power to be touchless? For some, a power cord might be just fine, though it’s not easy to wire a door, for instance. For some, a battery may be a manageable solution, but when the battery runs out, the touchless product loses its touchless functionality and the product needs to be touched to replace the battery.

Wireless power can help – deliver energy to products where cables are not practical, and eliminating the need to replace or recharge batteries.

Wireless power is a key enabler of touchless products.

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