The Two Stages of Wireless Power Benefits

20 August 2019

When we work with customers to integrate long-range wireless power into their products, we often see them realize the benefits in two stages:

Battery and cable replacement. The customer already has a product. It is already receiving power via a power cable or batteries. Wireless power allows eliminating both of these energy sources, delivering more power than batteries but without the physical constraints that power cables provide.
New capabilities. For far too long, designers have been constrained by the mobility of cables and the energy capacity of batteries. It is almost second nature to say “consumers would love this feature but it will drain the battery in two days”. Wireless power changes that. With a never-ending supply of power and much more energy than a battery can sustainably provide, the opportunity zone for new and magical experiences is wide-open.

Just like a two-stage rocket, the first stage – battery replacement – leads to the stage that delivers the greatest benefit.

How quickly can you deliver “magic” to your customers?

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