The Miracle of (wireless) Lights

10 December 2018

During the holidays, there are many lights. Whether Christmas decorations or the Jewish Menorah, light plays an important part in the season.

That’s why the Wi-Charge engineering team decided to put together a small holiday demo with wireless lights, as you can see in the short video below.

What’s being demonstrated here? Each light in the Menora is made of a Wi-Charge energy receiver, a capacitor, and a USB light. A Wi-Charge long-range wireless power transmitter scans the room and every second or so switches from one receiver to another. The receivers get enough energy to charge the capacitor and keep the light on. A separate transmitter continuously tracks and powers the train.

Why is this demonstration interesting? For a few reasons:

  • It shows how a single Wi-Charge transmitter can power multiple – in this case 9 – receivers. There is no practical limit on how many clients a single transmitter can power as long as the combined power requirement of the client is within the power delivery ability of the transmitter.
  • It shows the possibilities of wireless light fixtures which you can also see in this video.  Whether it is desk lights or mood lights, wireless power delivery opens up exciting lighting opportunities.

Happy Holidays!

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