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The Future of Smart Home Security: Alfred Locks Harness Wi-Charge’s Long-Range Wireless Power Technology

06 January 2020

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – January 6, 2020 – Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power, in partnership with Alfred Locks, will unveil the first ever mortise-class wirelessly-powered smart lock at CES 2020. The mortise lock–popular in both commercial and upmarket residential construction–is made by Alfred and is powered using the Wi-Charge patented long-range wireless power technology.

When it comes to smart home security solutions, smart locks have become one of the first devices that consumers seek. Smart locks provide a greater sense of security and convenience to the user and are rapidly replacing the traditional access control systems that include bulky locks with keys that are more prone to loss and theft. In fact, according to Research and Markets, the global smart lock market was estimated to be $1.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $2.7 billion by 2024.

However, smart locks require batteries. Batteries only provide power for a limited amount of time, need periodic replacement, and their disposal carries environmental concerns. More importantly, battery life is often the most challenging factor to overcome when developing exciting new features and options for IoT devices. This is where Wi-Charge helps Alfred open the door and expand the possibilities for smart locks of the future.

Wi-Charge solves one of the challenges that traditional battery powered smart locks can typically face with its patented long-range wireless power technology, consumer safety certification, and the ability to deliver ample power at a distance. By implementing long-range wireless power into smart lock devices, locks can receive never-ending energy. Additionally, forward-thinking lock manufacturers can further enhance their locks with more robust IoT features such as two-way audio, outward-facing cameras, cellular connectivity and more– all enabled by the consistent supply of power through long-range wireless charging.

“Consumers desire an effective and reliable smart home security ecosystem, and smart locks have proven to be a key part in the smart home security journey,” said Yuval Boger, CMO of Wi-Charge. “Smart lock innovators are choosing long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge to help them create devices that will truly take smart home security into the future by eliminating the need for inconsistent and unreliable batteries. We are very pleased to partner with Alfred Locks and to provide a unique competitive advantage.”

“Alfred believes that smart home security technology should not only be beautiful but also make life at home safer and easier. However, smart locks need energy to be truly smart” said Brad Cook, Alfred. “Long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge enables us to create aesthetically designed smart locks, with exceptional functionality without the concerns of low power supply or safety reliability.”

If you are attending CES 2020, please email to arrange a time to see Alfred’s mortise lock in action at the Wi-Charge booth #40337 or Alfred booth #41534 at the Sands Expo.

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Founded in 2018, the main principle of Alfred International Inc. is to create smart locks that reflect the perfect balance between beautiful design, security and convenience. With a team that holds over 30 years of extensive knowledge and expertise in mechanical locks, Alfred engineers a series of products that are user-friendly, smart and secure. Alfred is headquartered out of Toronto, Canada, with products available for sale in Canada and the US. For additional information about Alfred please visit

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