Tesla or Einstein?

30 January 2019

“Nikola Tesla would have been proud.”

We’re happy to hear this time and again after people see our long-range wireless power demos. But is it Tesla or Einstein that should be proud?

Nikola Tesla demonstrated transferring power without wires using inductive and capacitive coupling using transformers that are often referred to as Tesla Coils.

Albert Einstein had many great scientific contributions, but his Nobel Prize in Physics was not awarded for his work on the special theory of relativity but rather for his work on the photovoltaic effect, the conversion of light into electricity.

Since Wi-Charge uses safe IR light to send power without wires, maybe it’s Einstein that should be just as proud of our work?

Einstein, by the way, had great respect for Tesla. When Einstein was famously asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive, he said “I don’t know; You’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla”


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