Wi-charge UL certificationOur products deliver power without wires and from a distance. We use safe, invisible infrared light to send energy with pinpoint accuracy to devices that need it. 

Battery-powered devices are portable, but battery capacity limits functionality, and users hate replacing batteries. Power cords, on the other hand, tether devices to an outlet. They are often ugly and sometimes difficult to route.  Wi-Charge delivers 100x the power budget of battery solutions, yet provides convenience of wire-free portability.

Our Long-Range Wireless Power Solution

  • Delivers power at a distance

    Via small receivers that are easy to embed, devices get about Watts of usable power from a distance of several meters. Unlike other approaches, the amount of usage energy does not depend on the distance.

  • Is consumer-friendly

    UL certified. As safe as an optical mouse or a DVD player. Certified by US and international regulators and test labs. Does not bathe the environment with unwanted radiation. Completely plug-and-play: no configuration required.

  • Is shipping to partners

    Our power modules are shipping to qualified partners that build the next-generation of smart devices. Modules are exceptionally easy to integrate, without requiring custom antennas or multi-million dollar NRE commitments.


OEMs welcome

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How does it work?

Power is delivered using safe, focused, invisible beams of infrared light.

Transmitters connect to a standard power source and deliver power with pinpoint precision to small nearby receivers. Receivers do not require a power source to be detected and use a miniature photovoltaic cell to convert transmitted light into plenty of usable electrical power.

Receivers can be embedded inside a device or connected into an existing charging port. The process of sending energy is completely automatic and safe. No configuration necessary. No WiFi, cellular or Bluetooth link is necessary, and existing links are not impacted.

The following diagrams illustrate this concept:

1. The transmitter automatically finds devices that need to be powered
2. Power is delivered with pinpoint accuracy using a narrow beam of safe infrared light. Users do not see or feel the beam.
3. If the light beam is momentarily blocked, transmission immediately stops and resumes once the path is clean again.


Delivering Power Safely and Efficiently

Wi-Charge products meet US and international safety standards for consumer devices. 

The energy delivered by Wi-Charge transmitters is focused on the receiver. This is both safeand efficient:

  • 100% of the transmitted power reaches the receiver. Unlike other approaches, Wi-Charge does not bathe the environment with unwanted energy.
  • Energy is not felt or seen. No impact on people, animals or unrelated objects.

long distance wireless chargingKey Features

  • Power over distance – several watts at several meters. Power does not decrease with distance.
  • Easy to integrate for both prototyping as well as production applications.
  • Plug and play – no configuration necessary.
  • Wide coverage – a single transmitter can cover 250 square feet.
  • Nearly 100% link efficiency.
  • Supports many simultaneous devices as well as devices in motion.
  • Scalable – multiple transmitters can be combined to increase coverage and power.
  • Smart power delivery according to parameters from the receiving device.
  • EMI-free – does not interfere with cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth or other communications. Does not emit ionizing radiation.
  • Safe – complies with UL, US FDA and international standards and regulations. Verified by recognized test labs.


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