The Technology for Practical Dreamers

25 November 2019

Nearly 20 years ago, Inc. magazine had a lovely article on the “path of the practical dreamer

Dreams are, by nature, not practical. Practical has to do with what is; dreams have to do with what could be but isn’t yet. […]

Yet bridging these two worlds, the actual and the desirable, is the practical dreamer’s challenge. The practical dreamer is both the architect and the builder, creating what could be from the reality of what is. So the practical dreamer must walk with one foot in the world of imagination, hopes, wishes, dreams, and possibilities and the other firmly planted in the world of physical reality with all its limitations.

When I look at the people that leverage the unique capabilities of our long-range wire power technologies, I think many of them fall into this special group of “practical dreamers”.

Sometimes, they are practical problem solvers. They might have a product that is battery operated where their customers complain about battery life. Long-range wireless power is a very practical solution to deliver never-ending energy, safely and efficiently.

Other times, they are dreamers. Asking the big “what if” questions: what if power can be delivered to places where it was not previously available? What could a battery-operated device do if it had much more energy? What special experiences can we create if a wired device became ‘unwired’?

As was the case with WiFi, with machine learning or with new material technologies, these new inventions enable and power breakthrough products.

Are you a practical dreamer?

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