Stages of Wireless Power Enlightenment

27 May 2019

As with all technologies, different people are at different ‘stages of enlightenment’ relating to wireless power. What are they?

1. I don’t know what wireless power is

Well, wireless power allows you to power or charge devices without wires or charging cables. It is more convenient than carrying a charging cord for you or looking for a power outlet to plug it in.

To this group, we say: Life’s better without wires.

2. I already have wireless power on my phone

If you have a newer phone, such as those from Samsung, Apple or Google, those phones support “magnetic induction” charging. This means that you can charge them by placing them on a charging mat. The user is still in the loop, needing to bring the phone to the charging pad, place and align the phone on it.

This is also called “contact charging” because of the need for physical contact between the phone and the pad.

To this group, we say: Long-range wireless is better.

3. I know of long-range wireless power companies

That’s good, The right long-range wireless power solution allows devices to charge without human intervention. This is immensely more convenient and useful than having to place the device on a charging pad, and certainly much better than connecting a charging or power cable.

It’s now time to ask for specs and inquire about performance. How much usable power can technology deliver? At what distance? Is it certified as a safe consumer device? Can I buy an evaluation system? Can we see a public demo that is not behind closed doors? How large is the power transmitter?

When electric cars were first demonstrated, the fact that a car could run on a battery was news. Soon thereafter, consumer started asking the real questions such as asking for the driving range. This marked the transition from novelty to a useful product.

To this group we say: Infra-red is the best long-range wireless technology.

4. Wi-Charge

We are glad to see you here. Indeed, infrared light is the best way (and perhaps the only way) to deliver enough power to the most popular smart and mobile devices, to do it at a distance, and to do it while staying within consumer safety limits.

To this group, we say: We look forward to working with you.

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