Seeing Beyond the Tip of Your Nose

06 January 2019

When people see demos of our long-range wireless power delivery (see some here), they are often amazed. They thought that long-wireless power can only deliver a few milliwatts at a couple of feet, and all of a sudden they see a phone charging without wires at the other side of the room.

Some imagine how wireless power can eliminate battery replacements. That’s a great application, but it’s an obvious one. The visionaries don’t focus on “what can wireless power replace today?” but rather ask “what could I do with wireless power that I could not do before?”. That’s where the magic starts happening.

It’s similar to when flat screens came out. Yes, you can use them instead of your bulky CRTs, but now you can also do new things with them. Or cell phones: yes, you can still use them to make calls from home like your landline, but now and a new world of possibilities opens up.

When you can imagine a device that is not tied to a power outlet but has much more power at its disposal that can be had through batteries. At CES 2019, we’re showing a couple of examples. For instance, our wireless power kit (CES 2019 innovation award winner)  converts an Amazon Echo and a Google Home smart speaker into completely wireless devices. Not just data, but also power. Now, you could put them on a wall, or move them around, or place in the middle of a beautiful coffee table without having to hide the power cord.

Or imagine what you could do if your smart lock suddenly had much more power available to it. Or a wireless security camera. Or an IoT sensor.

Seeing beyond the tip of your nose is going to create new ways of doing things, and new products through which to do it.

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