IR power delivery is great, but is it safe?


Wi-Charge UL certificationWi-Charge earned international, U.S. and Canadian UL and Class 1 laser safety certification, meaning that it is safe under all foreseeable conditions of use. With these certifications the Wi-Charge system is now the only market-ready, long-range wireless charging solution that safely delivers meaningful power to smart devices at room-sized distances while meeting all global regulatory and safety requirements.

The Wi-Charge system meets all the regulatory requirements for global introduction into the market in most regions, including the U.S., Europe, China, South Korea and Japan. Manufacturers that embed Wi-Charge modules can leverage Wi-Charge’s safety certification and achieve a simple and streamlined regulatory approval process without having to undergo separate laser certification for their products. Through the Powered by Wi-Charge program, Wi-Charge assists in all the relevant filings.

Wi-Charge uses point-to-point delivery so that 100% of the optical energy from the transmitter reaches the receiver. This means that unlike other approaches to wireless power 0% reaches people, pets, plants or other objects.

Wi-Charge uses infrared light. Living organisms have been thriving with IR light for millions of years. Approximately 50% of the sun’s energy reaching earth is IR, and IR is the method that nature chose to deliver wireless power

The green areas on the map below designate countries for which Wi-Charge already received safety certification. Contact us for details or any questions. When you integrate Wi-Charge technology into your product, we will assist with the appropriate regulatory filings to make sure that your product gets to market as quickly as practical.

SafetyMapIn summary, Wi-Charge provides a unique combination of safety and power. We believe that

  • Safety without power is useless.
  • Power without safety is dangerous.
  • Power AND safety is Wi-Charge.


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