Pulling Power vs. Pushing Power

18 June 2019

These days, how often do you connect an Ethernet cable to your PC and actively download emails to your inbox? My guess: not very often. emails probably just get “pushed” to your phone. You might not care very much whether an email took 2 seconds or 5 seconds to get to your phone, as long as email ‘magically’ gets there.

Of course, you wouldn’t even consider “pulling” SMS, WhatsApp or other notifications. Push is the way to go.

So why are we stuck on pulling power? Purposely connecting a power cord to our phone so that it can charge? I think pulling power is yesterday’s news and the future is pushing power. The electrical charge will seamlessly arrive on your phone. Phones (or other smart devices) that seem to charge themselves, just like emails magically appear inside them.

Long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge achieves that. That’s one reason we call it ‘The Future of Power’

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