product ideas to help battle


To help address the COVID-19 crisis, we are calling on potential partners to come forward in the spirit of collaboration and help quickly turn product concepts into deployed solutions. Some product ideas are below, but we are also open to others.

We pledge our full support in ideas, effort, and product to help our fellow humans in this time of need.

Please contact us if you are interested in rapid collaboration.

Touchless Faucet with Hand-Washing Timer

Smart and touchless faucets need power, and such power is often provided by batteries. The Wi-Charge system provides never-ending power to the faucet, thus eliminating the need for replacing or recharging the batteries.


Since Wi-Charge delivers more power than what the faucet can consume from a battery, it is possible to add new functions to the faucet. In this particular case, a small color screen was added. This screen can be used to provide a countdown to assist in proper hand-washing.

Specification highlights
  • Touchless faucet
  • Based on standard Hansgrohe model, but can be adapted to other vendors
  • Embedded Wi-Charge receiver
  • Built-in color display with several built-in movies


See additional videos and explanations here

Sanitizer for Door Handles

Door handles and other entry hardware can be a key source for infection. For instance, doors at hospital rooms could be touched by staff, family members and the patient.


Wi-Charge has some ideas on how to create aftermarket door handle sanitation solutions. Contact us if you are interested in partnering.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with never-ending Battery

Free-standing dispensers rely on batteries to operate. When a battery runs out, the user of the dispenser is no longer able to receive sanitizing lotion. Trying but not succeeding to get sanitizing lotion is both a sanitation concern as well as potential lost revenue for the lotion manufacturer.


By equipping dispensers with Wi-Charge receivers, the dispenser is always ready and charged.

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