Wi-Charge’s Infrared Long-Range Wireless Power Technology Wins 2019 BIG Innovation Award

Feb. 2019

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, February 5, 2019 – Wi-Charge, provider of long-range wireless power technology, today announced it has been named a winner in the 2019 BIG Innovation Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group. Wi-Charge is the only company able to safely charge phones and power smart devices across a room without the need for wires, freeing users from battery replacements and ushering in a new class of IoT and smart-home devices.

Battery life is the biggest issue plaguing mobile devices today. Consumers often experience “battery anxiety” as their mobile phones lessen in charge while they are without a charging cable or a place to power up. Similarly, power cords and short battery life span are significant barriers to smart home device adoption. Consumers are limited to placing their devices in locations near a power outlet, running costly wiring, or forced to use devices with a reduced feature set to accommodate the limited energy output and capacity of today’s batteries.

Wi-Charge uses a beam of infrared light to deliver wireless power to multiple devices at a distance. Instead of using a cord or a battery, Wi-Charge can provide safe wireless power to smart-home devices, such as the Amazon Echo smart speaker and Schlage® smart lock, as well as mobile phones. The technology provides over 2 Watts of usable energy to a device as far as 5 meters away. No other wireless power delivery method even comes close. By delivering meaningful levels of energy without wires, Wi-Charge’s technology unlocks the potential of smart devices and dramatically expands their usage and deployment options.

Wi-Charge’s technology has been certified to be safe for consumer use by government regulators and accredited testing labs in the U.S. and most other parts of the world.

“Mobile and smart-home devices are meant to make consumers’ lives easier and more convenient, but the need for power cables, intrusive wiring, constant manual recharging, or battery replacement adds unnecessary layers of complexity,” said Yuval Boger, CMO, Wi-Charge. “Wi-Charge simplifies our everyday lives, eliminates the need to actively manage the battery levels in our devices, and offers manufacturers fantastic opportunities for new and exciting products.”

“This year’s winners show just how deep a role innovation plays in nearly every aspect of business,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring Wi-Charge as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions.

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