Prediction: Wireless charging will inspire a new generation of smart-home DIY

19 December 2018


Wireless charging will inspire a new generation of smart-home DIY. Without the need for cable installation, consumers will install electronics themselves, saving hundreds of dollars on installation fees. From smart locks to speakers and sound systems, wireless charging will simplify installation and put power back in the consumer’s hands.


I don’t know about you, but I shy away from DIY projects that include electrical wiring. Sure, I can replace a light bulb, or hang a shelf, or assemble a bed, but wiring… I don’t know if I’m worried that I’ll trip a switch or that I can’t seem to route an electrical wire without leaving an ugly mess. The bottom line, I just don’t do it myself. And because hiring an electrician could be $100/hr and probably a 2-hour minimum, a lot of these projects just don’t happen.

But what if to deliver power to a device I could just plug something into an available electrical socket and that device would send the required energy to wherever it is needed? That would be fantastic. My wiring projects would become wire-free, and many more projects could get done. Hang up a smart speaker; install that security camera, or even put up some accent or night lights.

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