Prediction: The mobile worker will, for the first time, truly be mobile

04 December 2018


Like a robotic vacuum cleaner, mobile workers need to often return to their charging base. We predict that wireless charging will fix this problem. As a result, the mobile worker will become truly mobile.


As if there is a shortage of things mobile workers need to manage, they also need to manage batteries. For mobile workers to lead a mobile life, we need to remove the stress of having to stop and plugin. No more scrambling at a meeting to get a charge. No more searching for the airport for an open outlet.

This is true not only for phones but also for other mobile devices. Warehouse workers with augmented reality glasses need to carry a battery pack. Car rental employees with mobile scanners need to keep extras in case they run out of juice.

Wireless charging can solve this. It can end battery anxiety. It can reduce the need for spare mobile devices. It can extend the operating hours of mobile electronics. In all, it can bring some calm to our hectic lives.


We see this happening in two phases:
Phase 1: local solutions. Envision a car rental company installing wireless charging in its facilities. It would install power transmitters as well as mobile devices with power receivers. The result is a complete solution. It does not depend on other players or collaboration with many other companies. Thus, this phase can start immediately.

Phase 2: global solutions. For wireless phone charging to be available at airports, a network of adopters needs to form. Phone manufacturers need to adopt the receiver. Airport facilities need to install the transmitter. To do so, they need to see a large enough number of devices that can benefit. This critical mass might take time and thus we envision it in a second phase.

We believe that wireless charging will have a profound impact on mobile workers.

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