Prediction: Device sizes will shrink

27 November 2018


Without the need for large batteries, device makers can build smaller devices. This will drive a new wave of design creativity. Many smart-home appliances will shrink in size.


What do you find when you open a sensor for a security system? You find a battery that takes up a significant percentage of the device’s volume. For instance, batteries dictate the size of a door chime or a glass break sensor.

Of course, that is not true of all devices. A 12″ iPad is 12″ not because of the battery, but rather because it needs a large screen. But even screen-centric devices can be thinner and sleeker if batteries were not an issue.

Why do batteries take up the volume? Because the volume is often related to capacity. The product designer prefers not to ask the end user to change batteries often. More battery means a longer lifetime and more functionality. But it also means larger devices that are more expensive to make.

With wireless power, devices won’t need so much battery. Yes, they might need a battery for times where wireless charging is not available. Or for short instances of peak power delivery. But not for continuous everyday operation.


With wireless power, devices can become smaller and more elegant.

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