Powering today’s phones with tomorrow’s charging technology

01 November 2018

One day, most phones will include an embedded Wi-Charge wireless power receiver. When that day comes, users will be free. Free from managing battery levels, from power cords, charging pads and power banks.

What can Wi-Charge do to help until that day? What can we do to pair tomorrow’s charging technology with today’s phones?

Our new AnyTable offering does exactly that. It combines a magnetic induction (“Qi”) pad with the Wi-Charge power receiver to create wire-free charging stations. It allows many existing phones to enjoy the freedom gained by wire-free charging.

Here’s how they work. Newer phones from al major manufacturers include support for charging pads. AnyTable has a standard charging pad, but unlike other pads that need a power outlet, our pad connects to a rechargeable battery. The Wi-Charge power receiver delivers wire-free power to this battery.

Why is it good to deliver wire-free power to the battery? Because it allows the AnyTable charging station to be far away from a power outlet.

For example, let’s assume that you run a coffee shop and you want to offer phone charging to your customers. Today, customers look for open outlets and use those to charge their phones. They need to remember to bring their power cords. They choose the table based on its proximity to an available power outlet. Customers wait for outlets to open. They might even leave if they can’t find one.

Some owners installed Qi pads to make it simpler for customers. But these pads still need to be close to an outlet, so they are not available on all the tables. AnyTable, you can place a charging station anywhere you want. Away from a wall. In a busy waiting area. In a hotel lobby. All you need is to install a Wi-Charge power transmitter to deliver that energy.

Summarizing the benefits:

  • Users get a charging solution that works on any table.
  • The solution is compatible with phones from all major manufacturers.
  • Charging as is fast as a wired pad. The battery delivers as much energy as required.
  • The Wi-Charge receiver replenishes the battery

In short, AnyTable uses tomorrow’s charging technology to charge today’s phone.

Are you a manufacturer of Qi pads? Partner with us to create your own solution powered by Wi-Charge.

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