Powering a phone through the ages

23 June 2018

Let’s look at this image sequence and trace how phones are powered from the past to the near future in 6 steps:

Powering a phone through the ages. Copyright (c) 2018 Wi-Charge
  1. A wired phone. Most likely, an operator is assisting in completing the call.
  2. A wired phone. Self dial.
  3. A cordless phone. The phone base is still wired for both power and voice, but now the user can move away from the base. Don’t forget to charge the handset every few days by placing it on the base.
  4. A mobile phone. The user can travel outside the home with the phone. Every day, and sometimes a couple of times a day, the user needs to connect to a charging cable.
  5. A mobile phone with a Qi charger. The Qi charger connects to a power outlet. The user still needs to remember to charge the phone. The user still needs to find a charger, and to stop using the phone while charging.
  6. A mobile phone with wireless charging. Finally, we eliminated both the voice cable as well as the charging cable. No more cables! Automatic charging happens. The energy transmitter identifies the phone and starts charging whenever possible. As an extra benefit, the wireless transmitter also powers the smart speaker, eliminating one more power cable.
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