Power without Safety, Safety without Power

17 January 2019

When vendors evaluate wireless power solutions they ask about power (how much can you deliver) and range (at what distance). They also ask about safety.

Simple, right? Not so fast. It turns out that the combination of power and safety is not as common as one would imagine.

Some have safety approvals (FCC, for instance), but deliver minuscule amounts of power.  This can be useful for some niche applications but is generally useless.

Some claim to show higher power but don’t have safety certifications. Do they give out iron underpants or a body armor before inviting people for a demo? Do they demonstrate these products at a trade show without proper warnings about the safety risks to visitors?

Fortunately, Wi-Charge has both. Ample power at a distance (over a watt available to the client device at over 3 meters). Ample safety: the US and international safety approvals from government agencies and accredited test labs.

Safety without power is useless.
Power without safety is dangerous.
Power AND safety are Wi-Charge.

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