New YouTube Video from Linus Tech Tips Showcases Wi-Charge’s Long-Range Charging Capabilities

31 May 2018

Linus Tech Tips recently invited Wi-Charge to film a live demonstration of how our wireless power technology works. They saw us at a recent Computex conference and wanted to see the technology in action, for themselves.

We arrived at their studios in Vancouver for the filming and instantly felt at home with the décor.

As soon as we handed over the Wi-Charge demo kit to Linus and his team, they got busy playing. We came with the Wi-Charge transmitter; a couple of toy trains with wireless power receivers; and a train track.

“Wow! This is cool. Maybe this will finally be the solution to what has always been the biggest problem with smartphones and other devices– battery life,” said Linus Sebastian, Host of Linus Tech Tips. “I’m really excited to see where this tech is going and just how much power we will be able to get out of these systems in the future!”

Click here to see Linus’ finished video. The final product is pretty impressive and we had a great time filming with the whole team. We love it when others are as excited by the potential of Wi-Charge as we are!

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