Missed our ‘ask me anything’ session? The answers are still available

04 July 2018

Last month, Ori Mor (VP R&D) and Yuval Boger (Chief Marketing Officer, @TheChargeGuy) held an ‘ask me anything’ session on Wi-Charge. You can view the questions and answers here. Some of the top questions were:

  • Can Wi-Charge be integrated with other wireless chargers?
  • What kind of partners are you looking for? And how do we partner?
  • When will your services become available to the general public?
  • What other technologies for wireless charging are out there and why is infrared better?
  • Where is Wi-Charge been manufactured? How are you ensuring the manufacturing process will comply with industry standards?
  • What’s the max number of devices that can be charged simultaneously with a Wi Charge Transmitter?
  • How much time does it take to charge your cellular phone with Wi Charge?
  • What challenges did you face while building your product? How did you overcome them?
  • How does wireless charging work with Wi-Charge? What is different?
  • Is Wi-Charge eco-friendly? Are you compliant with regulations?
  • How did you fund Wi-Charge? Did you have investors or set up crowdfunding?
  • Is it safe to use Wi-Charge? What about radiation from infra-red light?
  • How much power can Wi-Charge deliver and over what distance?
  • How has the response towards Wi-Charge been so far?
  • What sort of devices is compatible to work with Wi-Charge?
  • How many devices can be charged simultaneously using Wi-Charge?
  • What obstacles or setbacks did you have during the development process?

You can view all the questions and answers here

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