Looking Back, Looking Ahead

31 December 2019

Consumer and commercial products powered by long-range wireless charging are closer to hitting to market than many people think. In 2019, we have made great strides in making our vision of “The Future of Power” a reality. We have even bigger plans for 2020.

Here is a quick look back at some of the milestones we hit in 2019

  • New products. The Ruby and the R1 products have raised the bar in terms of smaller size and longer range. We believe that consumers will not accept refrigerator-sized wireless power transmitters and that the Wi-Charge R1, similar in size to a Nest Thermostat, is much better suited to become a standard way of power delivery. With an increased range of up to 10 meters and, as is unique to Wi-Charge products, power levels that do not decrease with distance, these new products open new and exciting possibilities for both consumer and commercial use.
  • Additional consumer safety certifications. In April, we announced that we earned UL consumer safety certification in addition to the FDA safety approval that we secured in 2018. These consumer safety certifications cement Wi-Charge’s status as the only company that combines meaningful power delivery with consumer safety certifications. Having just one is not enough: safety without power is meaningless, and power without safety is dangerous.
  • Shipping product to partners. We’ve shown several exciting integrations of our technology with smart home and home security products. Many additional integrations are in the works and we will showcase them at CES 2020 and beyond. These integrations demonstrate the game-changing potential of wireless power.

These achievements have not gone unnoticed and we were pleased to have won several important awards such as CES Innovation Award, the Edison Award and the BIG innovation award.

But we are even more excited about 2020 and the new products and partners that we will announce, starting with CES 2020 and the NRF Big Show.

If you believe in the potential of long-range wireless power, then don’t wait. Join us as we usher in 2020 and The Future of Power.

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