Life’s Better without Wires

12 March 2019

We’re back from SXSW where we demonstrated our long-range wireless charging at the Innovation Showcase. What a festival. Unlike CES or MWC, SXSW includes music, food, politics, movies and yes, also tech.

Visitors at our booth had interests and backgrounds that were more diverse than a typical tech show. We thus had an opportunity to gauge the reactions of a crowd that was a better approximation of ‘the general public’.

The overwhelming consensus? Life IS better without wires. No one is looking forward to plugging in their phone at the end of the day. No one is excited about spending Sunday afternoon routing a wire to surround speakers. Everyone remembers how much ‘fun’ it was to be awakened at 3 AM by a ‘low-battery’ beep from their smoke detector.

I’d say that the questions we received were in four categories:

Power: Could it charge my phone? Yes. Could it power a smart TV that receives video through a 5G connection? No, that’s more powerful than we can deliver today.

Distance: Can it cover my living room? Probably so. Could a cover a really big warehouse with multiple units? Yes. Do you need to pair the power receiver with the transmitter? No pairing is necessary and energy transfer is established automatically.

Safety: Is it safe? Yes. Does it use ionizing radiation? No, unlike RF, infrared is not ionizing radiation. Can I see or feel the energy beam? Not, but you are welcome to try it yourself right now.

Where can I get one? Can I buy it from you? Not right now since we sell to businesses that embed our charging technology in their products. When can I get one? We are shipping to partners now and are one step closer to making this available to the general public.

Food, music and film aside, we came out of SXSW more energized as ever to bring this to any home that wants it.


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