Is it safe?

17 October 2018

When we speak to prospective customers, at some point or another we are asked: “is the Wi-Charge technology safe?”.

The short answer is: YES, it is. Wi-Charge products are safe and they have been certified by UL, as well as US and international regulators.

But let’s dive a bit deeper.

Wi-Charge delivers energy by sending a very thin beam of invisible infrared light from the transmitter to the receiver. 100% of the beam hits the surface of the receiver. This means that 0% of the beam falls on everything else. This is a stark contrast from other long-range wireless power technologies like RF that unfortunately bathe the environment with unwanted radiation.

One great thing about IR is that it has naturally existed on earth since the beginning of time. About 50% of the sun’s energy at sea level is IR, so we and our ancestors have become accustomed to living with IR light. In contrast, RF is relatively new man-made radiation.

Question: “But if there is a thin invisible beam, what happens when I put my hand in the path of the beam?”

Answer: What happens is that the beam immediately stops. Transmission is resumed once the obstacle has been removed. Those that see live WI-Charge demos are invited to try this. Not only do you need to see the beam, but you can’t feel it anywhere.

Question: “How does the beam know when to immediately stop?”

Answer: we’ll tell at the right time, and once we are under NDA.

Question: “I understand everything you’re saying, but was this validated by a standard or a safety organization?”

Answer: Yes. In the US, the WI-Charge system was submitted to the FDA (the regulatory agency in charge of light-based products) and was classified as a ‘Class 1 device’ which basically means that it is safe for consumer use without any special precautions. Similar certifications were performed outside the US.

The green areas in the map below show these countries where Wi-Charge meets or exceeds the safety standards for that particular country. If a country is not yet green, it usually means that we did not yet spend the time to verify this.

Product safety is critically important to Wi-Charge and to our customers. That’s why we have invested so much in designing a safe system and in safety and regulatory approval.

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