Industrial Designers hate Batteries

08 July 2019

Industrial designers hate batteries.

They (the batteries, not the designers…) are large, rectangular and generate severe mechanical constraints that make it difficult to create smaller, slicker products.

How would wireless power change that?

Let’s assume the battery pack for a device is of a certain size. This battery pack is designed to be replaced once every 6 months, so about 180 days.

If power is now delivered wirelessly to that device, such a large battery is no longer needed. It’s not that no battery is needed at all, but perhaps one can use a battery that holds enough power for 7 days, just in case there is a prolonged power outage that prevents the delivery of wireless power.

7 days vs. 180 days. The new battery needs to hold less than 4% of the capacity of the old battery. It would likely be much, much smaller, delighting the industrial designers that had to work around the size of the old battery. In turn, this delights customers that admire more elegant and smaller products.

Of course this is a little bit simplistic. The exact size of the new battery would also be determined by how much instantaneous power it needs to deliver, and a few other factors. Another option is to use a super capacitor instead of the battery and just not have a battery at all.

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