Indoor Solar Energy

08 May 2019

Solar energy is great – it’s plentiful, natural and available worldwide.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have solar energy indoors? And while you’re at it, also have it at night when the sun is down?

While we can’t make the sunshine in your living room at night, IR-based wireless charging may be the next best thing:

  • It uses infrared light, the same type of light that makes up 50% of the sun’s energy
  • Our small energy receiver uses a photovoltaic cell, similar to the solar cells that turn sunlight into energy
  • It can deliver lots of energy safely (as certified by UL and others), and part of the reason for that is that people and other living organisms are well-accustomed to infrared light

That’s why we sometimes describe our long-range wireless charging as ‘indoor solar’.

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