How Wireless Charging Can Level Up Your Game

13 May 2020

These days, people take video games seriously. Introduced in the 1970s as little more than a humble diversion, video games have since become an entertainment juggernaut. Accounting for an industry that generated $135 billion in 2018, video games are an important–and often serious–part of the culture. Intent on achieving the best gameplay experience possible, hobbyists and professional players alike continually invest in the latest hardware, technology, and accessories.

Many of the best accessories and components are optimized for performance, requiring a significant amount of power. As a result, many gaming keyboards, headsets and other peripherals must be tethered by a power cord, which can impede motion or constrain where the player may want to sit while playing. Power cords force players to choose between convenience (i.e. sit where they want) and performance. 

That is, until today. A new, innovative power option is now giving players the best of both worlds. By relying on a technology called long-range wireless charging, players can cut the cords to their favorite devices without losing out on performance.

Video Games Are Big Business–for Players, Too

Video game developers, publishers, and retailers are not the only ones to benefit from the popularity of this entertainment platform. Players are making money, too. In recent years, video games have established a robust professional presence–known as esports. By 2022, esports is expected to generate over $1.7 billion

What all of these players have in common, however, is a passion for the games they play–and a drive to improve their performances and experiences. As a result, players often invest in the best possible equipment and accessories.

Where Modern Accessories Often Fall Short

Outside of the core gaming system, whether that be a console or PC, gamers can purchase a wide variety of devices that can improve their experience. A new or customized monitor, keyboard, or gaming mouse is not an uncommon upgrade for most gamers. Performance-wise, gamers are always looking for the best of the best. Often, that means:

  • High accuracy: Players want their mouse, controller, or even joystick to respond to their movements with a high degree of accuracy. Responsive accuracy means in-game control sensitivity can be adjusted to higher settings without sacrificing control.
  • Speed and latency: If a player’s controller takes too long to communicate with the game system, the resulting lag could destroy the game experience. Players with low-latency gear gain an advantage over those with higher-latency.
  • Aesthetics: Because they tend to be quite comfortable around electronic devices, gamers are often understandably intent on customizing the look of their devices. It’s not uncommon for gamers to adorn their keyboards or controllers with lights or other aesthetic touches. 
  • Comfort: Headsets can become warm after wearing them for extended periods. Active cooling systems help keep players cool and comfortable, thus at their optimal performance level.
  • Realism: Haptic feedback adds realism to games and can also provide tactile cues to players. 
  • Visual aids: Keyboards with backlit keys can group related keys that help to locate them faster.

For optimal performance, gamers must often sacrifice one of their other primary considerations: comfort. Where most gamers would prefer to use wireless devices, high performance requires substantial power. Additionally, most gamers aren’t willing to take the chance that their device may run out of batteries during a crucial moment in the game. This can be extremely frustrating and even disastrous for a competitive gamer. 

Even when high-powered devices are rechargeable, it’s often challenging for a player to ensure that all devices are properly charged at all times. Batteries last only a few hours and run out at the most inopportune times.

Keeping a Constant Charge

Wireless charging can offer elegant solutions to these issues, while at the same time improving one’s game. A relatively new technology, long-range wireless charging can provide a charging current to multiple devices across the length of a room. Here’s how it works: a centrally located transmitter sends a safe infrared (IR) beam to devices that are in need of a charge. These devices contain a small embedded receiver, similar to a small solar cell, that receives the IR energy and converts it to electricity. For existing devices, an external receiver can also connect via a special USB receiver. 

A gamer with a keyboard or headphones equipped with this receiver can effectively receive an endless charge. There’s no need to plug in or change batteries. The device simply charges continually as needed.

Benefits of Long Range Wireless Charging

For gamers, there are several significant benefits to utilizing long-range wireless charging:

  • Comfort: Gamers can use wireless devices without having to worry about battery life, which means a significant improvement in comfort. The average gamer will no longer be tethered to an uncomfortable office chair for hours on end. Instead, they can game from the comfort of their couch.
  • Performance: Many of the best features are power hogs. Next-generation controllers, for instance, may include small screens, built-in sound, and other features that drain batteries quickly. Long-range wireless charging enables players to invest in those top-of-the-line power-hungry features without sacrificing the flexibility and comfort of wireless accessories. This means that high-level players won’t have to think twice about using high-performance accessories. 
  • Endurance: No one’s happy when dead batteries prematurely bring an end to a gaming session. Long-range wireless charging can ensure that a gaming session comes to a natural conclusion–and that gamers can keep playing for as long as they want without having to divert their thought and attention toward their battery power.

Improving Performance and Comfort for Pros and Hobbyists

There’s no doubt that video games will continue to be big business in upcoming years–if not the decades–to come. As game technology continues to push the envelope, accessories and hardware will rush to catch up. Long-range wireless charging gives players a great way to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies without sacrificing comfort or performance. 

As the next generation of gaming systems continue to evolve, cutting edge technologies such as long-range wireless charging will help players keep up–and level up.


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