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How Things Work: Power and Safety in Wireless Charging with Wi-Charge CTO

22 April 2019


Wi-Charge will hold its next informative Webinar at 12:30 PM US Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 1st. Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer will host Ortal Alpert, Founder and CTO at Wi-Charge. Free registration is now open at this address

The Webinar, titled “How Things Work: power and safety in wireless charging” will focus on the performance and safety of wireless power technologies. The agenda will include

  • How does Wi-Charge technology work?
  • What consumer certification and safety requirements are needed to bring long-range wireless power products to market?
  • Have there been studies about the effects of wireless power technologies on people?
  • How do OEMs determine which long-range wireless power technology is best for their product?

The Webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session with audience participation.

Participation is free but requires registration at this address

Join us for this information-packed Webinar.


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