How much power does a device actually need?

18 February 2018

In all the excitement about wireless power technology, the amount of power that a device needs to operate is sometimes forgotten.

Different devices need different amounts of power to operate or charge. Here are a few typical power consumption values, expressed in watts:

Smoke detector 0.0001 Watt
Wireless motion sensor 0.03 Watt
Smart door lock 0.1 Watt
Nest smart thermostat 1 Watt
Smartphone 2 Watt
Wireless security camera 3 Watt
Toy drone 5 Watt
Wireless surround speaker 10 Watt
LED light 20 Watt
Notebook PC 40 Watt
LED TV 75 Watt
Refrigerator 150 Watt
Electric vehicle 10000 Watt


When choosing wireless power technology for your devices, it is wise to match their power consumption with the technology that can deliver those amounts of power. If your wireless technology can only deliver a few milliwatts, it might be useless to power the devices that you have in mind.

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