Honey, I Shrunk the IoT Sensors

13 June 2018

Ever notice that batteries take up a lot of space in IoT sensors? When you open up motion detection or other home security sensors, you see that batteries take up as much of 50% of the size of the sensor.

At the same time, we want these sensors to be as small as possible. Nearly invisible.

Companies that design such sensors face a trade-off: reduce the size of the battery (and thus the sensor) vs increasing the frequency in which the battery needs to be replaced. Smaller batteries have smaller energy capacity than larger batteries, and thus need to be replaced more often.

Is there a better way?

By embedding a small wireless power receiver inside these IoT sensors, a tiny rechargeable battery could replace the existing bigger battery. The tiny battery would provide the needed power for the sensor and would be continuously charged with wireless energy.

The result? smaller batteries; smaller sensors; reduced cost; better-looking product.

What’s not to like?


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